Nordic Health Food is an enterprise at the forefront of producing health food and dietary supplements. We assist our customers throughout the entire process starting with initial concept followed through to the end result and finish product.

Most of the industries suppliers produce their own products, for us that would mean competing with our own clients which is not our intention. Hence why we do not produce our own products.

At Nordic Health Food, we have over 60 years of experience in the industry regarding the manufacturing and all compounds that comes with it like handling, packaging etc.

Our biggest manufacturing groups are; Powder mixtures, liquids, tablets and capsules with crude products such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids as well as proteins, herbs, extracts and more.

The raw products come from all over the world and with more than 370 ingredients in our stock-list it gives us endless amount of combinations to create products from.

Here at Nordic Health Food we take great pride in our close collaboration with our suppliers of packaging such as buckets, cans, bottles, cartons and also in the close collaboration with several suppliers of labels.

Our enterprises also have two facilities suited for packaging of dry-products into bags. Our machines have three chosen formats which make it possible to fill the bags with a weight starting from one gram up to 5 kg. This is where we package nuts, rice, dried fruits, flours, muesli and flakes etc.

We are registered as well as certified to handle organic products. We are approved by “KRAV” to provide and package “KRAV” approved food.

Products to the whole of Europe are exported from Nordic Health Food, where some of our biggest clients are Finland, Denmark and Turkey to name a few.

Our facilities are registered at FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in USA which provides a big assistant for our customers who wishes to export their products to that market.

Approximately we produce;

50ton of tablets/year

500 ton of powder mixtures/year

850 ton of dry products aimed to the daily trade.