Our Quality


 The production of our health food is controlled by FDA, which follows a EU police in production safety and quality control. Here at Nordic Health Food its a first rule for us to follow these laws and regulations and together with a self-evaluation program, we work towards sustaining the highest quality possibly in the commoditys we produce for our customers.


  Nordic Health Food has naturally undergone a HACCP-certificate which insures that our products are free from hazard substance and free from allergen.


  At our company we make a conscious decision to work with suppliers of good standard and reputation. This ensures that our work is run more smoothly and that our customers can be ensured their compond are dealt with best care and highest security in delivering. As a customer of Nordic Health Food, you can be sure of getting products of highest quality as well as being ensured that the entire production line is run accordingly to the current laws and regulation.


  Our aim is for our products to be of such a quality that they meet the customers demand and expectation. Our staff make sure that the consumer can be sure of getting products of highest quality and without and harming substances or treatment.


  Our belief is that the products shall be of such a high quality that the client continuously come back for further suppliments. That is our best praise that what we do hold good quality.


 We work actively together with our suppliers and clients to ensure levels of quality and on time delivery.

The goods should be delivered accordingly to agreed time schedule and in such a way that always have the customers best interest and custom service as priority.