Our Environmental Policy


Nordic Health Food has a strong belief in taking care of our nature, especially since a big part of our raw food comes from organic farms. Our Environmental police can briefly be explained in these points;



1. Environmental Requirements

We believe we shall draw upon natures resources in a caring and effective way. Those services that Nordic Health Food Ltd supply shall be accordingly to current environmental policy requirements. Environmental legislation and other requirements is for us the lowest level that we shall have as starting point for our products and handling. Nordic Health Food Ltd is certified by KRAV. (KRAV is a organisation which controls the standards of organic cultivation. Everything from import, distribution, handling to production aids is controlled.)



2. Constant Improvement

We stride to improve our enterprise accordingly to environmental regulations.



3. Demands on Suppliers

We want to be able to influence the products that we sell and therefore we set high demands on our suppliers and cooperation partners. We work actively to promote environmental consideration and also for this to be the guide lines on how we run our corporation in all sections of the company. We consciously do NOT buy raw food which are GM or chemical treated. We exclusively use NON-GMO and NON-IRRADIATED raw food.


4. Daily Management

It is our intention to work towards an improved environment, hence why our facilities aim to be environmental friendly. The daily management of products shall be handled in a environmental friendly way. Environmental friendly detergents with refills is used for cleaning. Paper is collected for recycling and a special recycling central is used if needed, for hazardous products.


5. Recycling

Nordisk Health Food is connected to REPA

We strive to recycle our packagings, cartons, cans, buckets, and other packaging in as big quantity possible. This leads to decreased amount of waste to landfill.


6. Transport

We at Nordic Health Food Ltd always use environmental friendly transportation when ever possible and always strive to streamline and decrease if possible the amount of exporting goods through good planing.